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Date of Publication • September 1, 2022

How Much Does Developing A New Website For A Company In India Cost?

Websites are absolutely essential for today's way of life. More than 500 million people in India use the internet, and everyone is highly dependent on websites and the internet.

You will definitely need a website if you want to expand your company, sell and buy things online, or tell others about your work and accomplishments. In this article, we'll explain how to make a website and how much it will cost.

Languages We Use for Developing Front-end & Back-end Websites

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Languages We Use for Developing Front-end & Back-end Websites

At Dcode Web Studio, we design different types of websites Custom and theme-based websites using languages like HTML 5, CSS 3, JavaScript, Ajax, Bootstrap, Angular Js, React.js, Sass, Vue.js WordPress, PHP, Drupal, Nodejs, MySQL, MongoDB, Joomla, and etc

Cost of a Normal Business Website in India

The website is based on the theme with all the basic needs of a website (theme will be selected by you only we will share samples).

The number of pages and features you want will mainly decide the costs so if you are planning a website up to 10 pages, it will cost you Approx. Rs 15000.

And so on, for Custom websites and other details you can call us for a better understanding of your needs, we will be happy to talk to you.

Cost Of The Landing Page?

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Cost Of The Landing Page?

If you need a landing page (What is a Landing Page?) You can check our special offer, for all types of businesses. A Good Landing page can cost you from 5 – 15 K Rs, a good Custom landing page.

45 SEO, Design & Content Characteristics of a Good Business Website.

List of 45 characteristics of a good website, 45 characteristics of the website, characteristics of a good website

Note - You can get all this @ Rs15k landing page, not more than this, the rest depends on the time team gives you, then it can change in price. But for a basic one-page landing page you can invest 5k to 15k, basic to best.

Note – More the time more the money.

This was all for the design and development of Part Lets now talk about the hosting and the Domain costs -

Hosting Services For Your Website

Linux web hosting and Dedicated SSD Linux Cloud Servers, Website hosting services

Hosting Services For Your Website

There are two types of hosting mainly, we provide both of them for benefits for our customers.

One is Linux web hosting and another is Dedicated SSD Linux Cloud Servers.

The cost for both of them starts from Rs299/Month for better ideas for your requirement you can call us directly anytime.

To know more about hosting and storage kindly check out (Dedicated Server and Hosting)

Monitor Your Website Performance And Overall Health

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Monitor Your Website Performance And Overall Health

Websites we develop also come with an offer of unlimited revisions and additional six-month maintenance. Rest depend on your requirements and other features

Conclusion – We design best for our clients, as per the market and complete research, we choose the best option for you so the website you will have in some time help you and your business in growth like a good investment.

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